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Community Transformation Ministers Fellowship
Ministry Educational Program

Welcome to the CTMF website!

Greetings in the name of the Lord.  No doubt you have arrived here after being referred to this website. We’re glad to have you stop by.  

This program is for the training of those who are connected to the heritage of this ministry to offer COVERING, CONNECTION and CONTINUANCE for future generations.

This is a secure website. In order to participate in this invitation-only program, please contact your pastor or contact the CTMF office at this address email info@ctmfellowship.com.  

God bless you!


  • We look forward to wseeing you May 6-7 at Church on the Rock for the Second Annual CTMF Spring Conference!!!!

  • The vendor we used for downloads finally went toes up. We have switched to DropBox and trust you will use it to easily listen to or download the files you need. Check back often as this library of resources will grown quite a bit over time.

  • The second year schedule is updated online now. May God bless you and yours as you studdy God's word!


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